Market Analysis

An overview of the country's public procurement markets. Explore different sectors and timeframes and see their market volume, Good Procurement Scores, and main suppliers and buyers.

The size of different sectors can be displayed in terms of monetary value or the number of tenders. Click on the tiles to get sector-specific statistics.
Contracts are categorized into product markets (CPV codes) based on the tender description. See more on the details of contract categorization and the CPV nomenclature in the Data Explainer on the About page.

Tenders over Time
Tenders by Region

The map showing the number of contracts in the region. Click on one area to view more details on public procurement in that region.
Region information was assigned using raw addresses published on the original source, for more details see the Data Explainer on the About page.


Sector Profile CPV Name Number of Tenders Volume of Tenders (